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Director Reber Dosky present at the newest edition of Docupodium

On Tuesday April 4, it is time for a new edition of Docupodium with the film Daughters of the Sun. Director Reber Dosky will be present at the screening. After the film, he will be interviewed by Hanneke Groenteman. Besides Dosky, some of the Yezidi women featured in the film will also take place on the stage. 

Daughters of the Sun

In 2014, the Islamic State attacked Sinjar province in Iraqi Kurdistan - a place mostly home to Yezidi, a religious community with many traditions. Many elderly men and women were executed. Young women were brutally separated from their families, forcibly converted to Islam and conscripted as sex slaves. Since the liberation of Sinjar in 2016 by Kurdish forces, many have returned to refugee camps around Duhok. The question is whether the women can start a new life.

In this film, Kurdish-Dutch filmmaker Reber Dosky follows nine of the survivors as they return to their communities. The young women are helped by theatre-maker Hussein, who takes an interest in their fate and helps them on their way. He mediates the liberation of more women still held as slaves by fleeing IS fighters in Turkey. Dosky filmed in Lalish, the spiritual centre of the Yezidis. Dosky tells the heartbreaking story of 7,000 Yezidi women who are increasingly forgotten.