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Rialto for Short at home

Watch the best shorts from your couch

In Rialto for Short we offer up-and-coming talent a stage on Tuesday evenings every three months. Filmmakers then get the chance to show their short film on the silver screen. All sorts of films can be seen, closely taking diversity in account; every genre and theme is welcome. Edgy & rebellious? No problem!

At this moment Rialto has only got room for a limited number of people. The reason is obvious. But there are probably a lot of people who want to view the nice selection of this program. That is why we do our best to show Rialto for Short returns to your home with a special online screening.

Alleen de dood liegt niet (Only Death Never Lies)
Sam Yazdanpanna | Netherlands | 2020 | 15' | Persian, Dutch spoken | Dutch subtitles
When Grandson escorts his beloved Grandfather (a former Olympic champion) to a doctor’s visit they are told the grandfather is terminally ill. Grandson needs to translate this for him, but decides to bend the truth.

With Ali Fardi, Hamid Djavadan and Monic Hendrickx as the doctor.

You Know What I Have Nightmares About
Aglaja Filipović | Netherlands | 2020 | 15' | Serbian spoken | English subs
Sisters, Sunny and Hannah, are living together. Sunny is aspiring actress and she’s preparing for her big play to premiere soon. While Hannah is preparing for job interview, she’s listening to the words of monologue that Sunny is preparing for her play. Hannah understands each word as she’s connecting it to her current mental state but she stays quiet. Hannah leaves and Sunny stays to rehearse.

In next couple of scenes we follow them in daily routines: yoga class, preparing lunch, conversations before bed, in each of these situations we see that Hannah is isolated and silent which Sunny fails to notice as she is consumed with her job. Hannah is not physically alone but the care given to Hannah from her close ones is shallow and not strong enough for Hannah to beat her demons.

Director Aglaja Filipović:
After reading a play by Don Nigro called A Seascape With Sharks and Dancer Tracy’s monologue stuck with me. I knew I really wanted to make a film that explores a relationship and isolation between two close individuals, how you can be alone even when you have someone physically next to you. The script was built of my own worst fears of losing someone that I love. A lot of the time we take people around us for granted, check on them and tell them you love them.