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In Rialto for Short we offer up-and-coming talent a stage on Tuesday evenings every three months. Filmmakers then get the chance to show their short film on the silver screen. All sorts of films can be seen, closely taking diversity in account; every genre and theme is welcome. Edgy & rebellious? No problem!

At this moment Rialto has only got room for a limited number of people. The reason is obvious. But there are probably a lot of people who want to view the nice selection of this program. That is why we do our best to show Rialto for Short returns to your home with a special online performance. Keep an eye on  this website for updates or follow us on Facebook. Enjoy!

Now at Rialto for Short at your home:

Lippen (Lips)
Nicole Tegelaar | Netherlands | 2020 | 14 '| Dutch spoken | English subtitles
When Lily wakes up in a surreal cosmetic clinic with different lips on her face, she tries to find out what happened to her. A colourful, stylized trip with killer lipstick...

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Personal note of director Nicole Tegelaar

I like to put something in my film ideas that I am working on myself and to enlarge it in a absurdist way. During the period that I made Lips, I was busy with the role that our appearance plays. The number of cosmetic procedures would increase dramatically, and I saw photos of famous Instagram mothers photoshopping their children, making them look thinner or "prettier". I was sometimes insecure myself during that period. I remember seeing a pretty girl at the tram stop and involuntarily imagining what it would be like to "have" her nose or lips. I was immediately ashamed of that thought, but I immediately had a first idea for my film, haha. The film is therefore a kind of "fuck you" to my own insecurity.

In hindsight I paid little attention to the sound when writing Lips. Unfortunately this can be heard from time to time, it is very quiet. I want to tackle that better in my next project. Another thing I learned: always dry clean the costumes! I didn't do that with the bathrobes due to lack of time, and whenever I see the creases in the pink silk I cringe a bit, haha.

To create the lip prostheses, I collaborated with Melissa Pöpsel, a Flemish special effect make-up artist, who also gives SFX workshops throughout Europe. For one of those workshops, Steve Johnson was in Belgium, the special effect artist of films such as Magnolia, Where the Wild Things Are, Ghostbusters and Spider-Man. They did the moulding of the actresses' lips together. That was very special to experience, although he did say that he would never have accepted such an assignment himself. "Swapping" lips with SFX make-up apparently is very difficult, but I am very happy with the result.

I am currently studying film at the KASK in Ghent, occupied with writing my graduation film: a feminine science fiction with musical elements. I plan to work very colourful and stylized, while creating a dark atmosphere.