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A visit to Rialto in times of corona... Our new rules

A visit to Rialto — How does it work?

Are you visiting Rialto? Don't forget to bring a valid ID (passport, drivers livense, ID-card)!

Alas, alas, we cannot get rid of the corona virus... Therefore, the government has taken new measures that will come into effect on Sunday 28 November. These measures have far-reaching consequences for cinemas and film theatres. Anyone visiting Rialto De Pijp or Rialto VU should take the following into account:

1. Borh theatres close at 17.00. This means that the last film of the day will start at 3 pm. At 17.00 everyone should have left the building.

2. The one and a half metre rule will be introduced again. This means that visitors who do not belong to the same family or group of friends must keep one and a half metres from each other. This also applies in the auditoriums. As a result, considerably fewer people can take their seats in the auditoriums than usual.

3. Wearing a mouth mask is again compulsory; the mask must be worn when entering the building and during all other movements. Once seated (in the auditorium or in the café), the mouth mask may be removed.

Most of the rules that were already in place are still in force today:

4. The first and probably most important guideline: If you are not feeling well, have a cold, or have a fever, stay home!

5. As of now, the government decided that you need a Corona certificate along with a valid ID in order to visit Rialto. With this proof, you'll be able to demonstrate that you have been vaccinated against Corona, have tested negative for Corona, or have recently recovered from Corona. Read more about the Corona certifcate here.

6. Be on time! That is, arrive half an hour before the start of the film. Have your corona admission QR-code ready as well as your identity card. This prevents long queues and therefore long waiting times

7. Buy your ticket online. The 10x8 Saver Ticket is valid, as usual. Anyone who has made a reservation with a 10x8 Saver Ticket or a Cineville pass still has to stop by the box office to validate the ticket.

8. Follow the directions of the Rialto staff. Stay friendly and understanding - both towards the Rialto staff and towards your fellow movie goers.

Click here to read the Government's measures yourself. Click here for frequently asked questions by our visitors, and our answers to these questions.

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