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Rialto open again... Our new rules

A visit to Rialto — How does it work?

Rialto has re-opened, but the virus hasn't been beaten yet.  So in the "new normal" visiting the cinema will be a bit different than before, with new rules and regulations that we – and you as a visitor – must follow. What does this mean in practice, starting 1 June?

1. First things first
The first and probably most important guideline: If you are not feeling well, have a cold, or have a fever, then postpone your visit. We are appealing to everyone's individual responsibility, but – as unkind as it may sound – please note the following: If you think "It's just a minor cold, nothing to worry about really", then we reserve the right to deny you access to our auditoriums. In that case, you will of course receive a voucher for a later visit or a refund.

2. Buying tickets
- You buy your tickets online.
- The 10x8 Saver Ticket is valid, as usual
- Visitors booking a ticket with a Cineville card or 10x8 Saver Ticket: Remember to pop by the box office to validate your ticket.
- An urgent plea to Cineville cardholders: Only make a reservation if you are sure you are coming, as tickets once booked cannot be resold to another person.

3. Getting to Rialto
- Before the screening you may have a drink and buy food at the bar. Directional arrows and markers indicate how to walk.
- Please visit the toilet before the screening, if necessary. You are strongly advised not to visit the toilet during the screening.
- Maintain a 1.5m distance at all times.

4. Reaching the auditorium
Take the stairs to reach the upper auditorium (Bovenzaal) or mezzanine auditorium (Middenzaal), maintaining a safe distance. To reach the ground floor auditorium (Onderzaal), follow the directional arrows.

You choose your place in the room, based on the following rules:
- Keep 1.5 meters apart.
- Keep two seats free left and right of you (and your party).
- Only sit on the rows where this is allowed (the row in front of and behind your seat will remain free).
- Take each other into account and listen to the instructions of the Rialto employees
- These rules can be found at the entrance of the auditorium and are projected on the movie screen.

5. In the auditorium
Until 1 July there will be a limited number of available seats due to the 1.5m distance rule.

6. Who are allowed to sit in the auditorium?
- If you want to go to the movies with someone, you can sit next to each other. 
- This rule does not apply to children up to the age of 12: they may all sit together. Of course, their adult supervisors must keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other adults.

7. After the film has ended
- Before leaving the auditorium: Wait until the houselights are turned back on.
- The people sitting in the row closest to the exit will leave the room first, then the next closest row to the exit, etc. People in the row closest to the screen, i.e. the front row, will be the last to leave.
- Would you like to have a drink after the film? That is possible! A limited number of seats are available on our terrace outside and on the mezzanine floor. These seats can also be used prior to the film. Note: these are exclusively intended for people with a movie ticket. 
- Leave Rialto through the door closest to the elevator (our staff entrance).
- As soon as everyone has left the auditorium, it will be cleaned for visitors of the next screening.

We do understand how annoying all these rules can be.  For now it is "new normal".  So therefore we ask for your understanding, patience and compliance. Just remember: If these measures help to get a handle on the virus, the "old normal" might become our usual normal again. Let's hope that things will change for the better soon.