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Manifesto Film Festival

Alexandra Nakelski (director of programming) about the festival:

How do we stand apart from the numerous other festivals out there?  We construct meaning together with the public each season by commenting on the zeitgeist. I hand pick programs that reflect the collective consciousness in thought and culture. We take our fun prepared to be educated, enlightened and entertained.  The whole point is interaction, debating, discussing film and media in an open social setting.  We often have people coming back from all over the world to attend because the previous experience was unforgettable. Please check out our current line up, our 2019 country of focus is Kurdistan and our theme of the year is "Constructed Identities." We also have our VIP guest of honor, Stephen Trask, attending for our closing night film, Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Floor 17 and documentary Squeezebox! The Movie at the Rialto Theater Sept 8th.

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