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Rialto‚̧African Cinema

In September Rialto brings four special films from Africa

The preparations for World Cinema Amsterdam 2020 were already in full swing when the corona virus threw a spanner in the works; there was no other option than to cancel the festival. That is of course very unfortunate, especially when you consider that this year, just like in 2017, we wanted to put the cinema of sub-Saharan Africa in the spotlight: Actual Africa 2020. Assuming that the virus has then been contained, this focus program will be moved to the 2021 WCA edition.

To show how special African cinema really is, in September we will bring Rialto‚̧African Cinema, a special program featuring four films that have been screened during WCA in recent years:

Supa Modo (Sat 5 & Sat 19 September)
Necktie Youth (Mon 7 & Mon 21 Septembers)
The Wound (Thu 10 & Thu 24 September)
Félicité (Tue 15 & Wed 30 September)

If you prefer to watch these films at home, you can! Three of the four films can also in September be seen in our online cinema Picl: Supa Modo, The Wound and Félicité. Click here!

Nancy Asaah & Rialto‚̧African Cinema

No World Cinema Amsterdam this year, so no Actual Africa 2020, the focus program that would be devoted to African cinema. But four fascinating and beautiful African films, which were screened at WCA in previous years.

Actual Africa co-curator Nancy Asaah sheds light on these films in the video below - in Dutch.