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Rialto VU Sneak Preview

A surprising journey through undiscovered film landscapes.

Surprise, surprise: Rialto VU Sneak Preview!

Are you a fearless moviegoer, a cinematic daredevil, an adventurer in the dark? Are you the movie buff who isn't afraid of surprises? Then there is good news for you: every Monday evening there is a real sneak preview at Rialto VU.

That night you're going to see a film, that's for sure, a film that hasn't been screened anywhere before. Only when the lights in the cinema room have switched off, you will find out which film you're about to see, what it is about, who the maker is and where it was made.

Rialto VU Sneak Preview: a surprising journey through undiscovered film landscapes.

Next sneak preview:

Monday 23 May, 6:45PM

Note: the film is always shown with English subs and there's a special reduced ticket price: €7,50 for a ticket!

Sneaks so far:

March 21      C'mon C'mon
March 28      After Yang
April 4          Ninja Baby
April 11        Les Olympiades
April 18        I Am Zlatan
May 2           Ali & Ava
May 9           Bigger Than Us
May 16         The Capote Tapes
May 23          ????