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Expat Monday

Films with English subs

Would you love to see some of the beautiful films Rialto is screening, but you don't understand all these foreign languages, and you also cannot read Dutch subtitles? Here's your chance to see some of these wonderful films anyway, because on Monday we screen them with English subtitles.

Our films for expats

On Monday March 25 our Expat programme features:

Mon 7:00 pm     POSOKI
Mon 9:00 pm     LAZZARO FELICE
Mon 9:15 pm     SUNSET

Please note: on Mondays we make the programme for the next week, you can find it on our website the following Tuesday.

English spoken films

Beside films with English subs on Mondays, throughout the week we also present films that are English spoken. They either have Dutch subtitles (ds) or none (ns). For those of you who can understand the spoken language, this is your chance to see these great films! Sometimes we even have English spoken films with English subtitles (es).

This week on the menu:

High Life (ds)
The Beast in the Jungle (ds)
The Red Shoes (ns)
Minding the Gap (ds)
Ray & Liz (ds)
If Beale Street Could Talk (ds)
The Favourite (ds)
Kes (es)