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Foreign language films with English subtitles

Currently screening foreign language films with English subs

Check out below all of the foreign language English subtitled films that we currently screen. Every Monday evening at Rialto De Pijp, daily at Rialto VU. Looking for English spoken films? Click here.

Screening this week (updated until December 7)

Anatomy of a Fall - Expat Cinema

Suspenseful courtroom drama about a woman (Sandra Hüller) accused of having a hand in her husband's fatal fall. Winner Golden Palm, Cannes.

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Anselm - Expat Cinema

Renowned director Wim Wenders portrays the life and work of an equally renowned artist: Anselm Kiefer. In 3D!

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Godzilla Minus One - Expat Cinema

Just after WWII: Japan is in ruins, absolute zero seems to have been reached. But things can still be worse when Godzilla goes on the attack. Who will fight back?

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Het smelt - Expat Cinema

Film adaptation of Lize Spit's eponymous bestseller. Eva returns to her home village to deal with the tormentors of her past.

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Le livre des solutions - Expat Cinema

Semi-autobiographical film about a director hopelessly stuck in what is supposed to be his masterpiece. He flees to his aunt in a remote village.

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Past Lives - Expat Cinema

Life could have been so different if things had turned out another way, discover Nora and Hae Sung, who lose and find each other several times.

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Perfect Blue - Expat Cinema

Successful pop singer Mima is leaving music to become an actress. One fan is not at all happy about this and starts stalking her. Groundbreaking anime.

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Smoke Sauna Sisterhood - Expat Cinema

Deep in the forests of Estonia there is a traditional smoking sauna, the place where women share loves and sorrows. Anna Hints portrays it beautifully.

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Youth - Expat Cinema
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