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IDFA 2023 in Rialto

The most beautiful documentaries from November 8 to 19 in Rialto De Pijp & Rialto VU.

It's that time again: IDFA takes place from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 19 November! The 36th edition of IDFA (fully called the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) consists of films and talks in the cinemas, immersive and interactive installations throughout the city and an extensive professionals program. IDFA is one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world and has been a regular fixture in Rialto De Pijp for years. Rialto VU has also been allowed to join the IDFA locations for two years now.

IDFA films can be seen every day at both locations from Thursday 9 to Sunday 19 November. Tickets can be authorized via the official IDFA website.

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