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Rialto team

Rialto employees

Some 100 volunteers work in Rialto, where their contribution is priceless. They serve drinks and snacks behind the bar, they sell tickets from the box office. The office and the theatre are run by 21 permanent employees.

Raymond Walravens has been the director of Rialto since 1989.

Head of programming: Suzanne Weijers
Programming specials: Suus Bessem
Programming specials: Marek Stolarczyk
Coordinator marketing & communication: Steffie van der Horst

Editor, PR & communication: Mark Mallon

Administarion, finance & tickets
Operational manager: Saskia van der Kroef
Office manager : Rita Nurhayati
Coordinator ticket sales / venue hire: Fleur Weve

Theatre manager: Robert Pattinama
Bar coordinator: Richard Vermeer
Floor manager: Irene Engels
Floor manager: Roos Oudshoorn
Floor manager: Mylène Roth
Coordinator voluteers: Dagmar Terpstra
Coordinator projection: Matthijs Blonk
Projectionist: Rick Bovendeert
Projectionist: Marnix Carpentier-Alting
Projectionist: Miroslav Haska
Projectionist / technician: Fred Stuart