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El Pa(de)ciente

Ophthalmologist Sergio discovers how the economic and human interests of health care compete when he himself must be treated for a rare condition.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

El Pa(de)ciente

Sergio Graf, ophthalmologist and university lecturer in medical ethics, has studied the theory and practice of medicine all his life. But only after falling down one day and rapidly deteriorating, he discovers how the private health care system actually works for patients

Suddenly being completely dependent on medical professionals and family members is a tough reality for Sergio, a man who values autonomy. He turns out to be a "difficult" patient who cannot accept the passive role assigned to him. He starts recording his experiences in order to keep a grip on the situation during the treatment for his rare condition. Through Sergio's critical reflections on the structuring of health care, El pa(de)ciente not only sketches a portrait of Sergio and his family, but also of a system in which economic and human interests compete with each other.


Carolina Fuentealba  | Chile | 2020 | 23’ | Spanish spoken | English subtitles
In a small, isolated farmhouse in Patagonia, Casmira battles to maintain her independence despite the onset of old age. Although, more and more she must ask for help with everyday chores, she departs with conviction on one final challenge.

CONSTANZA FERNÁNDEZ’s first feature film Mapa para conversar won Best Director at Santiago International Film Festival. As a scriptwriter, she wrote Guillermo Escalona’s De espaldas al mar, and in 2009 she founded Celosa Producciones producing music festivals, audio-visual works, plays, books and more. El Pa(De)Ciente premiered at Busan International Film Festival 2021 and won the Audience Award at Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.