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Finding My Way: Hong Kong Emerging Female Directors Short Film Programme - CinemAsia

Four short films by young, female filmmakers from Hong Kong. How do they see the world around them, is there room for their wishes?

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Q&A with guest curators  Karen Cheung en Kiki Ho.

Finding My Way: Hong Kong Emerging Female Directors Short Film Programme

Being young should be lively and fun, but in this bustling period, war and violence are happening every minute in different corners of the world. This programme attempts to understand young female directors from Hong Kong by looking through their lenses. Will they come to terms with the current situation? Or will they resist until their wishes come true?

This programme features:

Dark Room
Wong Ka Ki | Hong Kong | 2019 | 23'
Fei works at a film processing shop and likes to daydream. One night, while Fei is filming on the street, she has a dreamlike encounter with a cow, which leads her to Ming, a traveller from Taipei. The duo set off to explore the sleepless city, hoping to see the cow once again.

Erica Kwok | Hong Kong | 2022 | 29'
Yumi and her record store co-worker are experiencing the existential dread of turning 27 years old, the age that many Western rock stars pass away. Between daydreaming and questioning their life's direction, the two supervise the record store and its quirky cast of customers, getting up to their own shenanigans in the process.

Lykke Til
Bobby Yu Shuk-pui | Hong Kong, Norway | 2023 | 30'
A story about settling and struggling in a foreign land. Ann is a young Hong Kong migrant in Norway. Facing different issues like visa, employment, cultural differences, racism, and a difficult situation with her partner, Ann tries to make the right decision for herself and reclaim her life.

My Dear Son
Lilian Fu | United Kingdom, Hong Kong | 2022 | 9'
In a capitalist city, a woman gives birth to a cat son. Born as a non-human, the mother tries her best to change him. However, the journey to educate her son brings back something she has forgotten a long time ago.