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A Tale of Three Sisters

Anatolia in the 1980s: widower ┼×evket has sent his three daughters to live with rich families. One by one the girls return home. ┼×evket lacks the means to support them. Now what?

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

A Tale of Three Sisters

A mountain village in Anatolia, 1980s: following his wife's death, widower ┼×evket had sent his three daughters to the city as besleme, meaning that they moved in with well-off families as both foster children and maids. After getting pregnant the oldest daughter Reyhan had to leave her family though. Back home, ┼×evket married her off to the rather dim-witted shepherd Veysel. The two younger sisters eventually returned as well, the rebellious Nurhan because she had gotten into an argument with her foster mother, while the youngest sister, Havva, was sent back after a death in her foster family. Lacking the means to support his daughters, ┼×evket tries to figure out how to get the girls off his hands again.

In his third film, Turkish director Emin Alper combines Turkish folktale elements with beautiful camera work including striking chiaroscuro moments, while also showing what life was like for women in rural Turkey.

EMIN ALPER (1974, Turkey) trained in economics and holds a PhD in Turkish Modern History. His first feature, Beyond the Hill (2012), received awards including the Berlinale ForumÔÇÖs Caligari Film Prize. His second feature, Frenzy (2015), screened at WCA in 2016. A Tale of Three Sisters won the Golden Tulip for Best Film at the 38th Istanbul International Film Festival.