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Camera Japan is coming to Rialto VU

Rialto VU opens its doors once again. This time for a special sneak peak of Camera Japan!

Camera Japan's main focus is Japanese film, but they also explore the visual arts, music, dance, fashion, architecture, food, and much more. Every autumn, Camera Japan screens a selection of the best, the weirdest, and the most unexpected cinema from Japan. On Saturday September 11, a sneak preview of the festival takes place at Rialto VU, with two films from previous editions.

On the programme: At the Terrace van Yamauchi Kenji en Sukiyaki van Maeda Tetsu. Introduced by Alex Oost, founder & director Camera Japan.

At the Terrace takes place during a party on a quiet summer night, where several guests gather on the terrace of a luxurious mansion. A humorous conversation about the elegant white arms of Haruko sets off a series of heated discussions, in which all the guests manage to offend one another.

In Sukiyaki, Kenta Kurihara (Tasuku Nagaoka) is sent to prison for battery. In his cell he is referred to as the "newcomer." Meanwhile, Kenta is bummed out with simple meal offered in prison. The four other prisoners in his jail cell have no problems eating his food. On lunar new year's day the prison offers the traditional Osechi-Ryori dish. The inmates in the cell gather to play a game that has become an annual ritual. They compete for items from each other's dishes by boasting about the most delicious things they have ever eaten. Shunsuke Aida (Motoki Ochiai) begins their game by talking about a dish which his mother made...