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Director Sergei Loznitsa will be present for a Special Screening of State Funeral

Prior to the screening of his documentary, Sergei Loznitsa will be interviewed by Raymond van den Boogaard

As of upcoming Thursday, October 7, State Funeral will screen at Rialto. In tbhis documentary, Belarusian-Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa used archive footage of events in the Sovjet Union surrounding Stalin's death. From the broadcasters, newspapers and posters announcing the news of the dictator's death in bombastic tones on 5 March itself, to the endless procession of mourners sobbing while paying their last respects to their "Red Czar", to the ceremonial burial in the mausoleum.

A special screening of State Funeral is scheduled for Monday 11 October at 8.00 pm. Special because prior to the film director Sergei Loznitsa will speak with Raymond van den Boogaard (journalist, historian, former Russia correspondent for NRC Handelsblad). Please note: the film will be screened on this evening with English subtitles, while also the preceding interview will be conducted in English.