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Two new members for Rialto's Board of Trustees

Introducing Henriƫtte van Eckeveld and Pepijn Kuyper.

Since November, a Supervisory Board has been made responsible for the operations of both Rialto De Pijp and Rialto VU. To be completed, the Council still needed two more members, which have been found now. May we introduce to you:

Henriƫtte van Eckeveld (1981)

Not only does Henriëtte have a wealth of administrative experience within the cultural sector, she is also a passionate culture lover. She visits a museum every week, reads a poem every day and loves film. Of course she has a Cineville card.

Pepijn Kuyper (1977)

Pepijn has also earned his spurs in the world of culture – as a board member, director and advisor. He is currently the business director of the Netherlands Film Festival. He is also one of the six hundred members of the Dutch Academy For Film, which deals with the Golden Calves.