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Everything Everywhere All at Once screening now at Rialto VU!

With seven Oscars the big winner.

With eleven nominations of which the film managed to cash in no less than seven, Everything Everywhere All at Once was the big winner during the Oscar ceremonies. The film took off with, among others, the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Female Lead (Michelle Yeoh) and Best Male and Female Supporting Role. Reason enough to screen this film again.

About the film

Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) runs a not-so-successful laundrette with her husband Waymond (Key Hun Quan). She also has a rather rebellious daughter and is working on a tax return that just can't seem to get finished. Just when it all gets too much, the universe splits into an infinite number of universes; Evelyn is no longer just a laundromat owner, but also an internationally celebrated film star, kung fu master, chef and perhaps the hero everyone needed all along.