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CĂ©line Sciamma in Rialto

All Sciamma films screened once more

Sciamma, Sciamma!

On Sunday 4 June, a very special edition of Queer Pioneers is scheduled. That evening, La naissance des pieuvres will be screened, the first feature film by French director CĂ©line Sciamma. What makes that evening so special is that Sciamma is coming to Rialto especially for that screening to speak at length about her work with QP curator Renske Diks prior to the film.

We are proud she is coming, as Sciamma now has a small but impressive and critically acclaimed body of work to her name. To highlight how special her films are, Rialto has decided to showcase her other feature-length films alongside La naissance des pieuvres: Tomboy, Bande de filles, Portrait de la jeune fille en feu and Petite maman.

Tickets are now for sale!