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Fright Night in Rialto VU: Jordan Peele marathon

Get Out, Us and Nope

For the second time, Pass the Popcorn, the film platform for BIPOC nerds, and Rialto VU are joining forces. This time for a hair-raising horror marathon, with the films of visionary director Jordan Peele. In one evening we played Get Out, Us and Nope in one go.

For all fearless filmgoers who want to see all the films in one go, a Triple Bill ticket is available. This allows you to see all films for a reduced rate. You can of course also watch one individual film. Whatever you do, fear is guaranteed...

Get Out

Extremely successful debut film by Jordan Peele. Black photographer Chris Washington visits his white girlfriend Rose's parents. It soon becomes clear that something is not right..


Adelaide, Gabe and their two children go on holiday to Santa Cruz. Once there, they receive unwanted visits from evil doppelgangers.


At the Haywoods' horse ranch, horses disappear, things fall from the sky, sometimes with deadly consequences. Is a UFO responsible?