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Fringe program Queer Pioneers cancelled

Prior to the film Beautiful Thing on Wednesday March 20, QP curator Renske Diks was going to talk with director Anthony Schatteman. Due to illness the director will not be present and unfortunately the fringe program cannot take place. Of course, the film screening will continue as planned.

Beautiful Thing

In a working-class London neighbourhood, somewhat shy teenager Jamie lives with his single mother Sandra. He is bullied at school for being gay. And he is; he is in love with classmate Ste, a boy who lives a few houses away. This one has a hard time, as he is regularly abused by his older brother and alcoholic father. One day Ste is so beaten up that Sandra takes him home. There is no spare bed, so he has to sleep with Jamie. When that happens again afterwards, the two have sex for the first time. A confusing and awkward time ensues.

This film by Hettie Macdonald, based on Jonathan Harvey's eponymous play, was originally intended as a television movie. But it was so well received that it was released in movie theatres after all. The film is one of the first to realistically portray a homosexual relationship between two teenagers.