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Rialto VU

Exciting news: Rialto opens a second location

In 1921, a long-cherished dream of Anton Pieter du Mee came true: he opened his own cinema on the Ceintuurbaan in the Amsterdam Pijp: Rialto. After years of planning and preparation, and exactly a century after the opening of Rialto, the next big dream is coming true: the opening of Rialto VU.

More culture in the South district.

Rialto VU is a brand new theater, located in a new building on the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam at De Boelelaan 1111. With four state-of-the-art screening rooms, Rialto VU will not only contribute to the cultural life on the VU Campus, the arrival of Rialto VU also establishes a great cultural enrichment for local residents in Buitenveldert, the Zuidas and Amstelveen, among others. This is reinforced by the fact that VU Griffioen is moving from Uilenstede to De Boelelaan 1111 to offer their program. Exhibition space VU Art & Science Gallery and a brand new café make the picture complete: De Boelelaan 1111 will be a unique place where studying, living and working go hand in hand with culture and relaxation.

More screening rooms = more Rialto!

The opening of Rialto VU is not only good news for students, professionals and residents of the area. Rialto visitors at the Ceintuurbaan can also enjoy more films, specials and festivals in the future. After all, there will be four additional rooms which means more films, more stories and more things to talk about.

How to buy tickets for Rialto VU

You can easily buy tickets for a film at Rialto VU via our website. Pay close attention when buying a ticket: do you want to go to Rialto De Pijp or to Rialto VU? In the Calendar you can filter by Rialto De Pijp or Rialto VU and you can immediately see which film can be seen where.

The location is also stated in the confirmation email and on the e-ticket. Before you leave home, take a look at the confirmation email.

Fotocredits: Melanie Lemahieu