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What do we have for dinner this week?

Delicious meals cooked by our cook Mireille!

On the menu this week

Thursday 29 Feb and Friday 1 March

Fennel soup with tarragon

Mole Verde with yellow rice and various vegetables of the day

Hangop with stewed fruit or chocolate mousse with truffle

What we eat can be related to the weather, a party, a premiere or just whatever comes to mind spontaneously. Always comfort food, always tasty! The soup is always full of flavor with delicious vegetable combinations and love and gives the cross you want if you are looking forward to nice relaxing food. Some favorites include celery soup with lovage, parsnip with basil, fennel with bell pepper and tarragon, onions with sage, or leeks with horseradish. The main course ranges from mole verde to tikka masala, tajine, curry, paella, jerk-style, hash, teriyaki, cha sieuw and mole colorado. Pretty limitless… The choice is easy: meat or vegan. Do you like meat? Fine I have! Prefer vegan? Of course! You get a delicious rice or potato dish and many different vegetables of the day. I am happy to take into account allergies, your personal taste and in principle I cook gluten-free The nice thing about our local vegetables, which are always seasonal, is that they combine so surprisingly well with all the different world cuisines of my passion. Everyone is always happy with so much vegetable variety. Of course I do something special with it, such as celery tuber with sauerkraut sauce, red cabbage with biscuit and gingerbread spices and stewed pear syrup, pumpkin with pimentón de la Vera, or just spinach with leek... See you soon! Mireille

Chef Mireille