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Kijk Ons x LA RIOT | El houb

The Moroccan-Dutch Karim is caught by his father with a man. He wants to discuss it within the family, but that turns out to be very difficult.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Kijk Ons, formerly the Netherlands Film Night, is an initiative of the NFO (Nederlands Filmtheater Overleg), Eye Filmmuseum, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Netherlands Film Festival and the Filmkrant. Goal: promoting the Dutch artistic film. This new edition takes place in film theatres all over the country - Rialto is one of them, an evening organised by LA RIOT.

The film will be introduced by LA RIOT, afterwards there is a Q&A with director Shariff Nasr. Attention: the introduction and Q&A will be done in Dutch. The film itself will be screened with English subs.

El houb

When the Moroccan-Dutch Karim is caught by his father with a man, he rushes to his parents' house to start talking about it. But how do you discuss this huge taboo in a family that, by definition, avoids sensitive subjects? Especially with a meddlesome neighbour who is always buzzing around the house at the wrong time. The difficult days that follow bring back beautiful and poignant memories. Karim realises that he has to confront his family to finally break the deafening silence. But can he expect his family to accept him if he has never come to terms with his own feelings?

El houb (Love) is the poignant and witty directorial debut of Shariff Nasr, whose documentary Little Stars of Bethlehem was previously screened at Rialto. It is the first feature film that discusses the sensitivities surrounding coming out in the Dutch-Moroccan community. With among others Fahd Larhzaoui, Lubna Azabal and Slimane Dazi.