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LA RIOT: Medusa Deluxe

Just before an important competition for hair stylists begins, one of the contestants is found murdered. Murder mystery filmed in one take in the world of haute coiffure.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Introduced by LA RIOT

Medusa Deluxe

A murder mystery set in the world of hair stylists, a world where eccentric hairdressers and their extravagant creations call the shots: that is what British director Tom Hardiman has created in his debut film, for which he wrote the screenplay himself. He did not make it easy for himself, as the film was seemingly made in one take. Cameraman Robbie Ryan effortlessly floats his Steadicam through countless rooms and past as many mirrors as frenzied hairstyles. Renowned hair stylist Eugene Souleiman is responsible for the hairstyles, while Welsh musician Koreless signed for the rousing score.

An important competition for hair stylists is about to erupt, when one of the contestants is found scalped. Who is responsible for this mysterious murder? Hairdressers, models, judges, everyone present is pointing the finger at each other. Is it about envy, did a rejected lover take revenge or did the gruff security guard have something to do with it?

Would you also like your hair to be transformed into an extravagant hairstyle? Would you also like to have your nails done by a professional? It's all possible this evening! Because after the film, you will discover that the Rialto Café has been altered into a more than hip nail/hair studio. You entered Rialto as your everyday self, you will leave as one of the models from Medusa Deluxe!