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Blade Runner – AI in the Picture

Influential science fiction film depicting a brilliant dystopian world where humans and robots are at each other's throats. Featuring Harrison Ford and a brilliant Rutger Hauer.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Prior to the film, professor Guszti Eiben and photographer Wanda Tuerlinckx will discuss the role Blade Runner has played in their work. Eiben is a professor of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on robotics, while Teurlinckx has not only portrayed Philip K. Dick, the writer on whose story Blade Runner is based, but has also done fascinating portraits of androids.

The introduction will be given in English.

Blade Runner

In the bleak and dark Los Angeles of 2019, the Tyrell Corporation has ensured that humans no longer have to do dangerous work. The company-built 'replicants', speaking human-like robots, will do that from now on. These physically strong and highly intelligent replicants have deliberately been given a very limited lifespan and four of them are not resigned to that. Led by Roy Batty, they set out to prolong their existence. Eliminating rebellious replicants is the job of blade runners like Rick Deckard, who is tasked with 'retiring' these four.

Initially very poorly received, this scifi film noir from director Ridley Scott has since achieved the status of a masterwork, mainly thanks to its dazzling set design, Vangelis' music and philosophical depth. Harrison Ford plays Deckard, while Rutger Hauer excels as Batty; 'all these moments will be tears in rain...' Based on a story by Philip K. Dick.

The Final Cut

Since Blade Runner was released in 1982, different versions of this film were made. This evening, we will screen the so-called Final Cut, a 2007 version over which director Riddley Scott had full artistic control. In this version, among other things, the voice-over from the first version has been removed, some errors visible in the picture have been polished away, while the ending is also different from that of the original 1982 version.

AI in the Picture is a programme by VU Griffioen, VU ART SCIENCE gallery and Rialto VU. Go to this page for more info.