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Showing Up

Ceramicist Lizzy's artistry is not taken very seriously by many, yet an exhibition is imminent. There are problems, however. With Michelle Williams.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

There are countless wonderful films to be seen at festivals at home and abroad. So many, in fact, that not all of them reach Dutch film theatres. Luckily, Eye Filmmuseum brings a selection of these films to our country every summer under the banner Previously Unreleased. Showing Up is definitely part of that selection.

Also to be seen at Rialto.

Showing Up

American director Kelly Reichardt's films are often described as 'minimalist'. Not unjustly so, as she makes films about the small dramas that ordinary people experience in their daily lives, like Wendy and Lucy and First Cow. In this gem, the lead role is played by Michelle Williams; this is the fourth time she and Reichardt have worked together.

Introverted ceramicist Lizzy (Williams) from Portland, Oregon makes modest but highly expressive figurines of women in clay. Her artistry, which many do not take too seriously, is confined to her scarce free time, as she works full-time as an assistant to her mother, who is director of the art school. She rents a flat from her neighbour Jo (Hong Chau), who is also an artist, albeit much more successful. Nevertheless, Lizzy has an exhibition coming up soon, though she has to pull out all the stops to finish her sculptures on time. A broken water pump and worries about her father, brother and a pigeon injured by her cat do not help.

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