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27 Steps of May

May experienced something terrible at age 14, and has never recovered from the trauma. A magician moves in next door. He finds a crack in the wall – both literally and metaphorically...

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

27 Steps of May

May was 14 when she was gang-raped, which left her so traumatized that since then she has completely withdrawn from life, no longer speaking and spending her repetitive days in the safety of her father's home, which she never leaves. He also still hasn't gotten over the rape, feeling enormous guilt for his failure to protect his daughter. With her he is loving, but outside the house he is a boxer unleashing his anger in fights. This is how things have been going for 8 years now. One day they get a new neighbour, a magician who manages to find a hole in the walls surrounding May... literally.

For the two lead actors Raihaanun (May) and Lukman Sardi (the father) their roles were hugely challenging; since little is said out loud, the story had to gain complexity through very subtle body language. They have admirably succeeded in achieving this. Winner Best Film, Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival.

With special programme:

Thu 22 August | 19:00 | Rialto

Het Filmgesprek presents: 27 Steps of May
After the screening, philosopher and writer Marjan Slob will engage in a conversation with you and the other viewers. Slob is a columnist for De Volkskrant and has given various lectures on film and philosophy, including at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. During the conversation we will address questions such as: How has the film moved you and why is that so? Which deeper layers did others see and how does this enrich our experience of the film? Why do people take refuge in rituals?

With short film:

Fri 23 August | 19:15

A Plastic Cup of Tea Before Her
Makbul Mubarak| Indonesia, Malaysia | 2018 |  15’ | Indonesian spoken | English subtitles
A taciturn, rather timid store clerk spots an unlikely opportunity to finally get close to the object of his infatuation. That is, just as long as nobody knows anything about it.




RAVI L. BHARWANI (Indonesia) graduated from Jakarta Institute of Arts in 1990. He has worked on commercials, documentaries, short films and television productions, also with Garin Nugroho. His debut feature The Rainmaker won the Asia New Talent Award at Shanghai International Film Festival 2005. 27 Steps of May continues his “ongoing obsession with the theme of isolation and alienation.”