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After his film about Jacqueline Kennedy, director Pablo LarraĆ­n once again portrays a highly placed and iconic woman: Princess Diana. With Kristen Stewart as Lady Di.

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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.


Christmas, 1991. At the grand house of the British royal family the dining table is set in readiness for Christmas dinner. A crestfallen Princess Diana arrives at the estate, knowing her husband, Prince Charles, is cheating on her. Though rumours of the affair abound, not a word is mentioned of all this during Christmas. While Diana is expected to play along with keeping up appearances and traditions, her faƧade is silently crumbling.

As in Jackie, a biopic about Jacqueline Kennedy, filmmaker Pablo LarraĆ­n manages to successfully and poignantly portray a female icon in the highest echelons of power. With screenwriter Steven Knight, LarraĆ­n weaves facts, rumours and fiction into a complex portrait of a mother, wife and above all iconic woman about whom much has been said and written, but little is known. Kristen Stewart is convincing and moving as the mysterious, vulnerable Diana.

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