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filmeducation in Rialto

Looking for a film activity with a group of students? Rialto has a lot to offer, including for children and teenagers. From wonderful film entertainment to enlightening education.

Regular films for children

Children can visit Rialto De Pijp at weekends all year round, and even more often during the school holidays. And during the school holidays, children's films are also shown in Rialto VU. We present the best children's films, for the little ones and for the slightly older children. But it's not just films: before the film starts, the children can do crafts and color; everything is ready for them. There are also regular workshops: building with LEGO, baking your own pancakes, making birds, etc.

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Rate: € 7.50 (for children & adults)
A group discount applies to school groups and BSOs

Special screenings (BO/VO)

In the lesson, a certain subject is treated in which that one film would fit very well. But that movie just doesn't play anywhere. Or you are looking for a suitable film for a certain subject, but you don't know one. In both cases, Rialto can offer a solution. We have the know-how to find the desired film. It could also just be that you want to see a film with the class that is or has already been shown here in the regular program. Do you want a nice side program? We can organize that too. A lot is possible and that at our special education rate.

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Rate: € 4.50 per student, excluding VAT.
Please note that this rate varies depending on the desired time and the size of the visiting group.


There is more happening on the screen than what you see on the surface – film is more than colored light with a story. Rialto offers two workshops in which secondary school students learn to watch a film critically and analytically.

What does a reviewer look for when he/she watches a film, how much of the plot can you give away and how does the reviewer form his/her opinion? Jaëla Arian, editor-in-chief of Rialto's youth editorial office LA RIOT, explains. By means of a short film, the participants can put into practice what they have learned.

Movies evoke all kinds of emotions, from joy to sadness, from joy to disgust. Why is that and how does a director manage that? Filmkrant Live organizer and writer Gerlinda Heywegen shows how he/she does this using film fragments. Concepts such as camera work, editing, acting, sound and music are reviewed.

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Workshop for: VO students (max. 50 per workshop)
Workshop duration: 90 -120 min
Rate in consultation

Hollywood at the classroom

Rialto supports the Hollywood organization in the classroom; a film education specialist who is committed to primary education. This organization has been making final films with groups of 8 since 2005. You can make your own final film with the packages from Hollywood in the classroom and show it on the silver screen at Rialto. For more information, please contact Hollywood in the classroom:

Do you want to show your final film at Rialto? Please contact

The Scholieren Filmfestival

The Scholieren Filmfestival (SFF) helps secondary schools to give their students the opportunity to put together and organize their own film festivals, in collaboration with local cinemas and theatres.

From the film program to marketing, from ticket sales to poster and logo design, organizing a festival involves so many different things that each student can use their own specific talent or interest for the whole. Ultimately, of course, the festival takes place in a cinema or theater nearby, and the fellow students are the visitors, for whom it is often the first visit to a film festival.

The students are supervised by a project leader from the SFF, which means that little is asked of the school and the teachers.
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