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In memoriam: Heddy Honigmann

Rialto screens her latest film No Hay Camino one more time

Last Saturday, the Peruvian-Dutch filmmaker Heddy Honigmann passed away at the age of 70. Her death was not unexpected, she had been ill for some time, but the news still hits hard. Rialto has screened many of her films and she has been a guest in our movie theater several times. It is therefore an unreal thought that this so gifted filmmaker will never delight us with a new film. In memory, but mainly as a tribute, we will show her last film one last time in Rialto De Pijp: No Hay Camino.

She has won numerous international film awards, many retrospectives of her work have been organized worldwide, including in Berlin, Paris, San Francisco and New York; without a doubt she was one of the most important Dutch filmmakers of the past decades: Heddy Honigmann. She is best known for her documentaries such as The Underground Orchestra, Forever and El Olvido, but she has also made some wonderful, award-winning fiction films, perhaps the most famous of which is Chimeras.

Last year she made No Hay Camino, a film in which she looks back on her life by visiting the places that have been of great significance to her. It's a farewell film, because she was seriously ill and knew she didn't have long to live down. She passed away last Saturday at the age of 70. Of those seventy years, she has been active as a filmmaker for 42 years, which has resulted in a beautiful and impressive oeuvre.

To reflect on all that beauty and as a tribute to this amiable filmmaker, Rialto will screen her last film, No Hay Camino, one more time this Friday.