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The Innocents - Expat Cinema

Nine-year-old Ida and her autistic sister Anna develop special gifts with their new friends Ben and Aisha. Dangerous gifts...
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Deze voorstelling maakt deel uit van Rialto Filmclub met als gastspreker deze maand Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

The Innocents

Nine-year-old Ida and her autistic sister Anna have recently moved with their parents to a suburb of Oslo. It is summer, so the children play outside. On a playground, Ida meets Ben, a lonely boy who has a special gift: with his mind he can make things move. Meanwhile, Anna has met Aisha. Although Anna cannot talk, the two are able to communicate telepathically. The four children become friends and enthusiastically start experimenting with their gifts. Ben develops the ability to make people do what he wants. And that goes horribly wrong.

In his second feature film, Norwegian director Eskil Vogt, Joachim Trier's regular scriptwriter, investigates where the boundaries of (im)moral behaviour lie, what happens when innocent child play suddenly takes on life-threatening aspects. That resulted in this chilling and disturbing thriller, which has already won several film awards, including the Fantastic Fest Jury Award for Best Direction.

Expat Cinema: Meet-up − July 24

At Rialto VU we regularly organise expat meet-ups in which we watch recent foreign language films with English subtitles, and get together for drinks and networking afterwards.

On Wednesday the 24th of July, at 6.45PM, we will watch The Innocents with English subtitles, after which we'll get together for talks & drinks. Click here for tickets for this particular screening.

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