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Foreign language films with English subtitles

Currently screening foreign language films with English subs

Check out below all of the foreign language English subtitled films that we currently screen. Every Monday evening at Rialto De Pijp, daily at Rialto VU. Looking for English spoken films? Click here.

Screening this week (Until February 1)

The Banshees of Inisherin - Expat Cinema
Pádraic and Colm have been best friends for years. One day, for no reason, Colm ends the friendship. What happens next? With Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleesom.
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Broker - Expat Cinema
Sang-hyeon and Dong-soo steal abandoned babies to sell them illegally for adoption. One day, a mother wants her newborn back.
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De acht bergen - Expat Cinema
Film adaptation of Paolo Cognetti's hit novel of the same name, about the friendship that spans decades between Pietro from a big city and Bruno from a small village.
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Les cinq diables - Expat Cinema
10-year-old Vicky possesses an exceptionally good sense of smell. Her homemade scent concoction, kept in glass jars, allows her to relive memories of others.
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Eternal Spring - Expat Cinema
Mix of animation and documentary about the Falun gong, the heavily persecuted spiritual movement in China. Based on the work of cartoonist Daxiong.
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Freaks Out - Expat Cinema
Rome, 1943: four 'freaks' with special gifts join the circus of Jewish director Israel. However, the Nazis rule the city.
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Return to Dust - Expat Cinema
Modest Youtie and Guiying, they live in the Chinese countryside, are considered a burden by their families. The two marry and something beautiful grows out of it after all.
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Rodeo - Expat Cinema
Quirky Julia loves motorbikes. When she meets a group of biker boys on her stolen bike one day, she goes all out to join them.
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Triangle of Sadness - Expat Cinema
Satirical look at the relations between rich and poor, awarded the Golden Palm, from the maker of Turist and The Square.
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