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Foreign language films with English subtitles

Currently screening foreign language films with English subs

Check out below all of the foreign language English subtitled films that we currently screen. Every Monday evening at Rialto De Pijp, daily at Rialto VU. Looking for English spoken films? Click here.

Screening this week (updated until May 22)

Bewariërs (Custaryans) - Expat Cinema
Many Jews deposited their valuable belongings with neighbours and acquaintances during WWII. What happened to these belongings? This documentary provides insight.
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C'è ancora domani - Expat Cinema
Rome, 1946: Delia's life consists of cooking, cleaning and looking after her boorish husband and children. A letter changes everything.
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Charcoal - Expat Cinema
In the Brazilian countryside, Irene is ready to offer a hideout to an Argentine drug criminal. This does not go unnoticed.
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Hypnosen - Expat Cinema
What happens when you suddenly stop caring about conventions? Ernst De Geer shows it in this satire about entrepreneurial couple André and Vera.
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La chimera - Expat Cinema
Imaginative tale of English archaeologist Arthur, a gang of Italian grave robbers and lost love. With Josh O'Connor and Isabella Rosselini.
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Lost in the Night - Expat Cinema
Emiliano starts working as a handyman in the villa of a wealthy family. In reality, he is looking for traces of his missing, presumably murdered mother.
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The Beast - Expat Cinema
In a world dominated by AI, Gabrielle wants a real job. She can, but first she must be freed from her emotions. With Léa Seydoux and George McKay.
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The Mother of All Lies - Expat Cinema
Moroccan filmmaker Asmae El Moudir knows virtually nothing about her family history. Why? In unusual ways, she tries to unravel the past.
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The Peasants - Expat Cinema
Hand-painted animated film about the peasant girl Jagna, who has to marry a much older farmer while she is in love with his son. From the makers of Loving Vincent.
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