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Foreign language films with English subtitles

Currently screening foreign language films with English subs

Check out below all of the foreign language English subtitled films that we currently screen. Every Monday evening at Rialto De Pijp, daily at Rialto VU. Looking for English spoken films? Click here.

Screening this week (updated until June 8)

Cairo Conspiracy - Expat Cinema
Fisherman's son Adam goes to study at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. But the institute turns out to be a political hornet's nest, and against his will he finds himself caught up in a life-threatening power game.
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Dalva - Expat Cinema
12-year-old Dalva, who behaves rather maturely, has to learn that the relationship she had with her father is very different from what she thought after all.
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Die middag - Expat Cinema
Iranian refugee Roya has exhausted all legal remedies and decides to seek refuge with Nassim. She is not at home, but her brother is. He does not let her in, so she decides to wait in the hallway.
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Everything Everywhere All at Once - Expat Cinema
Things are certainly not going well for laundromat owner Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh ). When it all gets too much, the universe splits. Awarded seven Oscars!
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Munch - Expat Cinema
Biopic about Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, who became best known for one painting: The Scream. His often difficult life is told in four episodes.
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No Dogs or Italians Allowed - Expat Cinema
Lovingly animated portrait of the maker's (grand)parents, people from a poor Italian village who were determined to escape their meagre existence.
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Pacifiction - Expat Cinema
Brooding, political thriller about how the charming and slippery French diplomat De Roller moves around the island of Tahiti. Then a French submarine is spotted...
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Plan 75 - Expat Cinema
In the near future, Japan is disrupted by an ageing population. The government has come up with a solution: Plan 75, or euthanasia. 78-year-old Michi is not ready. For now.
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Return to Seoul - Expat Cinema
On a spontaneous first trip to her birth country South Korea, a 25-year-old adoptee decides to look for her biological parents. Her journey of self-discovery takes unexpected turns in this cinematic study of identities in crisis.
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Suzume - Expat Cinema
Prachtige anime over de 17-jarige scholiere Suzume en haar zoektocht naar deuren die beter gesloten hadden kunnen blijven.
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Un petit frère - Expat Cinema
Moving family chronicle spanning decades about Rose and her two sons Jean and Ernest. They move from the Ivory Coast to Paris in the late 1980s.
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